As I have been a borrower of the Mystery of the Missing Sock From the Laundry storyline from time to time (clothing, such as socks, have been reported to somehow float into the outer portion of a washing machine and that without such awareness, the disappearance of a sock can be quite vexing!), and for all that I will forever champion and cheer when it comes to being a practitioner of the scientific art of freedom of information…

What happens to the results of fulfilled FOIA requests?  Does it disappear like a sock during the washing cycle?

Think about it.  An agency fulfills a request and surrenders said documentation to the requestor.  What does the requestor do with it?  What does the government agency do with it?  How much documentation is being kept hidden by the citizens?  Private organizations?  News organizations?  UGH!

Now there’s an app that’ll never happen!*  Something that aggregates all public documentation contributions to the Internet from a government entity…?  Even if the content has been scanned and then posted, searchability of such documents is/can be severely hampered.

In closing, I reference back to my recent vent about Kitching’s Kvetching and that if there was a contest to create an app for all board meeting minutes state-wide (for example), it would fail not because an app designer didn’t possess the necessary coding skills…

They would have to first bring about state-wide basic standards for all municipalities to follow when posting materials to the Internet.

Of course, they’d also have to figure out how to address a significant percentage of municipalities having no official web presence whatsoever…

Oy vey!

*  Apparently, Motorola and MacArthur have teamed up to motivate app developers to create the best app that brings together the City of Chicago and the concept of “open government” similar to a couple of other major metro areas.